Hangover Remedy Product

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Everything You Wanted To Know


What It Does

HANGOVER PAINOVER offers a patented scientifically balanced synergistic blend of safe vitamins and nutrients that can be taken before or while drinking to help prevent/reduce hangovers. Refreshing Fruit Punch flavor drink mix to help you wake up refreshed after a night of cocktails/beer/wine. If you forget to take HANGOVER PAINOVER before or during alcohol consumption, you can take it immediately in the morning.


How It Works

Alcohol essentially bleaches crucial nutrients from your body, and produces nasty byproducts (such as acetaldehyde) from your body's processing of the alcohol, causing your hangover symptoms. HANGOVER PAINOVER's patented formula boosts the crucial nutrients, including phosphatidylcholine, serine and inisotol your brain and body needs, while absorbing and neutralizing the nasty byproducts of alcohol consumption.


Suggested Use

Directions: All you do is tear off the top of the pack, pour HANGOVER PAINOVER into any drink that you prefer, including water, shake or blend well, and consume the entire drink. HANGOVER PAINOVER works best if taken any time the night of the festivities, but also works well if taken the next morning.